Shopping in Qatar is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists and locals. There are a number of places where you can go for shopping in Qatar. On one hand you have the most opulent shopping malls, and on the other, you have the traditional souqs that can be found in the whole of Arabian world.
Shopping in Qatar is quite hassle-free and convenient. There are abundant numbers of shopping centers scattered all over the country. Capital city of Doha is the hub of shopping activity in Qatar.
Shopping centers in Qatar feature the best of international brands, selling almost all sorts of items for both daily use and luxury purposes. Apparels, accessories, audio, video, footwear, consumer products, almost everything is available in the malls of Qatar. These places usually have a fixed price range, which may not be feasible for a budget traveler.
City Center Mall in Doha and the Hyatt Plaza Mall are two of the most-visited shopping malls of Qatar. These places are great for leisure travelers, who are willing to spend big bucks on shopping in Qatar.
Qatar is home to a number of fascinating souqs. Souq Waqif is the most traditional of all of them. Spread over a huge area, this marketplace is ideal for buying perfumes, traditional Qatari dresses, spices, kitchenware, dry fruits, sweets, tools, et al.
Souq Al Ahmed, Souq Faleh and Souq Al Asiery are some of the other popular souqs in the country. Beautifully decorated and heavily crowded, these souqs enhance the pleasure of shopping in Qatar. However, you should definitely not buy items at their initial price. Try and do some bargaining in these souqs to get the best deal.

Shopping is an obsession with locals and tourists. Shoppers spend hours each day at Qatar's shopping centers, looking for the best deals.
Qatar shopping centers include Arabic souqs and spectacular malls so you can experience traditional as well as modern ways of shopping in Qatar. The exciting combination of old and new attracts tourists from various parts of the world to shop here, which helps in furthering tourism in Qatar.
Shopping centers in Qatar suit every pocket. You can visit state-of-the-art malls, that house numerous international brands in addition to restaurants, food courts and entertainment areas.
Once you visit Qatar's shopping centers, you get so tempted that you will be forced to loosen the strings of your purse. But, every buy will be worth the money you have spent. Shopping centers in Qatar are laden with everything you could have thought of. You can buy anything from designer clothes to fake watches.
The souqs in Qatar give an insight into Arabic traditions and shopping culture. Centered around capital city of Doha, these souqs are vibrant marketplaces selling almost everything under the sun.
Before you set out for a unique shopping experience in Qatar, there is a word of advice for you - don't be shy to bargain. Bargain wherever possible for the lowest price, prices drop alarmingly at times; they also reach half the price of what was quoted earlier.
All those who are on tours to Qatar must visit numerous Qatar shopping centers. Your dear ones will love the souvenirs you take back for them from these centers.
Doha Souqs Souq Waqif
City Center Mall, Doha The Carrefour Mall
Hyatt Plaza Mall  
卡塔尔.购物中心-Doha Souqs
Your Qatar tour will remain incomplete if you do not visit Doha souqs. At the Doha souqs you can feel the essence of the Middle East. Though many malls have come up in the region but the souqs have still managed to retain its magic and its customers.
Originally souqs were trading and meeting points of merchants where the discussed the happenings of the day over a cup of Arabic coffee. If you are a shopping enthusiast then you must visit Doha souqs.
Doha souqs are traditional shopping centers. Shopping at these souqs is a truly unique and an unforgettable experience. Most of the souqs are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Though the souqs are crowded yet they are absolutely safe and entertaining traditional shopping centers. Doha souqs attracts large crowds of tourists which helps tourism of Qatar to flourish.
At Doha souqs you will buy any imaginable thing you could think of. The souqs sell everything from clothing, fake sunglasses and watches, luggage, handicrafts, silverware, interior décor, wood carved products, antiques and many unusual accessories.
The key for shopping at Doha souqs is to bargain. The more you bargain the more will you will benefit. After an engaging round of bargaining you can indulge yourself in a glass of tea with rosewater, or a cup of Arabian coffee at one of many traditional coffee shops scattered around Doha souqs.
At Doha souqs you will see scintillating stalls having every conceivable item you could have ever thought of. On Qatar tours you must visit Doha souqs to discover the experience the oriental way of shopping.
卡塔尔.购物中心-City Center Mall, Doha
City Center Mall, Doha is the largest mall in the Middle East which is situated in the heart of the city.
The mall is so popular among the locals and the tourists that it attracts 50,000 visitors per working day. The number of shoppers visiting City Center Mall, Doha double on weekends and holidays.
City Center Mall, Doha is magnificently built and looks after all the needs of the visitor. The mall has five levels and it houses 350 shopping outlets including hundreds of world-class brand names.
The mall boasts of having Carrefour which is a giant hypermarket chain, two ice-skating rinks one of which is exclusively for women, 14-screen multiplex cinema, number of cafés and restaurants in addition to two huge food courts, and a famous water park. City Center Mall, Doha also has a large entertainment centre as well as two 10-pin bowling centers.
If you are tired and you just want to sit down and relax your mind and body then you can also visit the spa and beauty facility which is present in the premises of City Center Mall, Doha.
You can also sit and enjoy a meal at numerous food outlets present at City Center Mall, Doha. The mall has two food courts and a number of famous eating outlets like KFC, Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, Colosseum and Burger King. The City Center Mall, Doha also features a ballroom and function hall. The mall also has a 15,000-square-metre purpose-built level for holding important conferences and exhibition.
On your visit to City Center Mall, Doha you will be forced to loosen the string of your purse. The mall pulls large crowd of tourists to Qatar which helps in the growth of tourism in Qatar.
卡塔尔.购物中心-Hyatt Plaza Mall
Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar is the most well known shopping mall. It has been artistically designed and is frequently visited by youngsters who consider Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar as most happening place in the town.
The mall has magnificent interiors Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar is one the largest shopping mall present in the region. If you think shopping at malls means expensive shopping then think again Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar houses a branch of Daiso which is a Japanese bargain store. Most items available at this store cost only 6 riyals.
Hyatt Plaza mall, houses 72 local and international retailers and several entertainment outlets. The mall also features a popular indoor children park-Jungle Zone. You can drop your children here and leisurely shop. Children will be supervised by trained staff. So you can comfortably shop while your children enjoy playing.
You can also visit restaurant in the premises of the Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar. All the restaurants serve exclusive cuisines and mouth-watering delicacies. So when you have finished your shopping then you can just relax and rest your feet at the restaurant.
The mall also boasts of having a giant grocery store from where you can buy all you daily needs. Parking is not a problem at Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar because it has a large parking space.
Tourist on Qatar tours must visit Hyatt Plaza mall, Qatar and experience of shopping in Qatar. The experience will be so memorable that you will surely return to do some more shopping.
卡塔尔.购物中心-Souq Waqif
Souq Waqif, Qatar is one of the most traditional souq of the region. This souq was originally started as a weekend market for local Bedouin. Souqs are traditional markets and they used to be the meeting point where traders discussed how did their business fare.
When Souq Waqif, Qatar started it only sold meat, wool, milk and other staples but today it sells a wide variety of products. It has special sections devoted to an array of products like traditional clothing, hardware, perfumes, spices and incense. You can also buy ceramics, wood or brass incense burners from Souq Waqif, Qatar.
Souq Waqif is located in the heart of Doha. It not only fulfills everyday needs of the locals but it also sells some exclusive goods that will not be easily found in other shopping centers of the town.
The Souq Waqif, Qatar is famous for selling bukhnoq which is a head-dress worn by girls living in the region. Other traditional clothing items include black cloaks worn by women in public places and ceremonial gowns worn by men on special occasions.
If you plan to but some thing from souq Waqif, Qatar then there is some advice for you. Do bargain before buying anything. The more you bargain the more you will benefit. At times the seller may even sell his merchandise for half the cost of what he had earlier quoted.
You can also ask traders of souq Waqif, Qatar to prepare a sample box of the most popular spices. The traders will happily present the box for you.
If you are on Qatar tours you must visit souq Waqif, Qatar you will find the shopping center extremely hospitable, diverse yet fun filled.
卡塔尔.购物中心-The Carrefour Mall
The Carrefour mall, Qatar is one of the most famous shopping centers in Qatar. The mall has been setup Majid al Futtaim in association with Carrefour France.
Shopping at a mall does not always mean burning a hole in your pocket. The Carrefour mall, Qatar believes in value of money. The mall has a large purchasing power which means goods are sold at whole sale prices.
Though prices of many products at The Carrefour mall, Qatar may be cheap but all the products are of high quality. The malls value service attracts a lot of shoppers to The Carrefour mall, Qatar this is the reason why annually 2,000,000,000 people shop at this mall. The Carrefour mall, Qatar believes in the philosophy of customer comes first. Hence you will find the salesman extremely efficient and helpful.
If you want to stop and eat something the Carrefour mall, Qatar offers excellent restaurant. The restaurants are reasonable and offer various varieties of cuisines. You can opt for your favorite food item from the extensive menu. The Carrefour mall, Qatar also features multiple checkouts so you don't have to wait. The mall also boats of having free and ample parking space. The mall has all the facilities that a shopper dreams of having.
On Friday the Carrefour mall, Qatar opens from 9 am to 11:30 am and from 1pm to midnight. On other days the mall is open from 9am to 12-midnight
Tourist on Qatar tours must visit the Carrefour mall, Qatar to have a unique experience of shopping in Qatar.
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